Strategy of 'My System', Lesson 7

Strategy of 'My System', Lesson 7


We're learning chess strategy from the classic My System by Aaron Nimzovich. I'm your guide, likesforests. Grab a cold one, pull up a chair, and enjoy. :)

Open Files:  Two Illustrative Games

NN - likesforests, 2008

We already know what open and semi-open files are, how to create them, and that we should penetrate down them. But what if our opponent prevents that... what then?

I wanted to penetrate down the d-file, but my opponent capably guarded against that possibility. However, he had to make a concession--his knight became tied down and it blocked the coordination of his heavy pieces. That helped me gain material and win.

Vliet - Znosko-Borovsky, Ostend 1907

Below is a famous game discussed in both My System and Logical Chess: Move by Move.

Due to a careless move by White, Znosko-Borovsky was able to open up the c-file. After fighting to control it and penetrate to the 7th rank, he successfully converted his superior position into an outside passed pawn and won the game.

Next week we'll learn new techniques for dealing with stubborn opponents who try to make it difficult for us to control and penetrate down open files. ;)

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