The Endgame Tactician: Rook f-, & h-pawns vs Rook

Oct 12, 2007, 5:58 PM |

This is one of the few ways to draw when you're two pawns down. I found an interesting resource on the Internet for mastering this ending:


Rook endings with rook and bishop pawns 


In this free lesson Peter Joseph covers 32 R+P vs R endings and 16 R+2P vs R endings. There are some real gems in his writings:


  • Why against a central pawn the defender's rook needs 3 files of checking distance, but against a bishop pawn the defender's rook only needs 2 files of checking distance.

  • A simple formula you can use in frontal attack positions with bishop pawns to determine if the endgame is a draw without having to calculate.

  •  How the stronger side can try to win... by sacrificing the rook pawn to arrive at a won R+P vs R ending, or by driving the enemy king to the back rank.


Enjoy at your leisure, and have a great weekend.  Laughing