The Endgame Tactician: Rook vs Bishop

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For players under 2100, Rook vs Bishop is won 40% of the time. The drawing technique is counter-intuitive, so if your opponent doesn't know it, you have chances to win.


 As usual, we begin by looking at the right moves.


To draw, the weaker side should run towards the corner. And not just any corner! Only a corner that's not the same color as the bishop will do.


Suppose you have the rook in this ending, and you manage to force your opponent's king into the wrong corner. How do you win?


Let's finish by considering an interesting battle between two tactical wizards where the weaker side ended up in the wrong corner.

And now we know another ending. I hope you enjoyed. Smile

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I love endings and helping others learn to play. I placed 5th in my section at the World Open, won a recent U1600 with a perfect score, and aim to one day be a chess master. :)