Will it be Jekyll or Hyde at the World Open?

Jun 21, 2008, 12:45 PM |

I'm competing in the World Open in a week or so.



My practice games make me wonder whether it'll be Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde who actually shows up in Philadelphia. For example, here are a couple games I played this week:


The first is a correspondence game, where I clinched a perfect score in round 1 in the 1st official chess.com 1400-1800 correspondence tournament. After 9.Nc3 I've won the opening, 13.e4! is the winning tactic, and I convert effortlessly.


The second is a live chess game I played at G/15 time controls. Again I win the opening and convert effortlessly, but only after 12.Nd5?! and 13.Ne3?, tactical blunders that would've landed me in hot water against a stronger (or luckier) opponent.


Which player will show up at the World Open?