World Open Victory!


With 5 wins, 2 draws, and 2 losses I was in the top 5 in my section at the World Open 2008.

It was satisfying. I do not suck at chess. I played Russians, Chinese, Americans, and an Indian... older folks with experience on their side, younger folks with sharp wits, and one coached by NM Dan Heisman. I held my own against them.

Being in Philadelphia for the 4th of July with blunderprone, chessloser, Ivan, and Shelly (superknight42) rocked. They're wonderful.

But I was already brooding as I rode the shuttle back to the airport. I played every ending correctly. But I didn't take 3rd place due to tactical mistakes. And I didn't take 1st or 2nd because those players knew their openings better than me.

The cycle begins anew. I will train away my weaknesses, and next time my opponents will have twice as much reason to fear me.

[Note: Thanks to everyone who wished me luck, and for my lucky t-shirt. The confidence I gained from those encouragements really helped. Smile]