How to use Comparison to help your chess now!

NM linlaoda
Jun 12, 2015, 6:16 PM |

The Comparison thought process


Oftentimes during a chess game, we run into a position where there are many logical moves to choose from. What do we do in this case?

Many players might just gamble and choose a random move. This, obviously, is not the best answer.

Usually, these cases can be solved by using Comparison

Like it's normal English meaning, this means to calculate all these variations, and judge how good they are based on how they compare with each other.


Let's use an example (take up to ~10 minutes)

Concretely speaking, 1...Rxd4 is working, but how did comparison help in determining this? We used comparison to compare the resulting positions of 1...Rxd4 and 1...Rxa4, and noticed that the variation 1....Rxa4 allows White to play 2. Ra1!= when Black has nothing. Thus, we choose to play 1...Rxd4


I hope this article was helpful (and made sense!), leave your thoughts in the comments section below!