Importance of Squares

NM linlaoda
Jan 21, 2015, 1:46 PM |

This is another game analysis report brought to you from the Move by Move Chess Improvement group

About every week I select 1 game from the Group Forum to be analyzed for my blog.

I want to thank Country_Gravy for this submission


To find the reason that this is inaccurate, consider that White may play cxd5 in the future, when Black would greatly prefer his knight to be on the then-available c6 square. Thus, Black should prefer to play ...a6 and ...b5 first, before commiting the b8 knight.
And now for our first puzzle: How should Black recapture?
In the game Black chose to play the inferior cxb4, which gave White a passed c-pawn and left a weak a-pawn. Nonetheless, Black used this a-pawn as a strong fighter...
And how should White recapture?
Instead, White played the inferior gxf3:
And which way to capture again?
Black instead chose to follow the principle "capture towards the center" but this missed an amazing opportunity to uncover a weakness!


After Black missed his chance, the game crumbled - but the result should not affect his opinion of the game, as it was quite a well played game!


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