Keep your study sessions short and concise to optimize efficiency

NM linlaoda
Aug 24, 2015, 11:36 PM |

How long do you spend studying chess every week?


And each time you study, how long do you study in one sitting?


This post will be shorter, and less chess-y but nonetheless is quite important. Unless we function best with long study sessions (most of us don't!!) then we should not force ourselves to be what we aren't.
Keep our study sessions short and efficient.


It may seem weird as most people say "study more" yet I am recommending to "study less." The key idea here is that by studying less, we study more efficiently.


A simple test to see how efficient your studying is:

(1) Are you focused the whole time, or are you doing many other things simultaneously (watching TV even??)

(2) After your study session, did you really learn and absorb everything you were supposed to learn? (i.e. if you were studying the opening, can you recite the line without looking at the notes?  Or can you solve the problems without looking at the answers?)

If you failed the above two questions, then maybe it is time to reduce the duration of your study session to a more suitable amount of time - you may be surprised by the increase in your efficiency.


Good luck!