Performance Enhancing Drugs In Chess

Performance Enhancing Drugs In Chess

NM linlaoda
Nov 4, 2015, 11:33 AM |

I was thinking the other day about this issue - initially it seems irrelevant as chess players would assume no perceived benefit from the most readily-identified performance enhancing drugs like steroids or human growth hormones that are prevalent in baseball.


But I realized, there ARE certain drugs that could potentially benefit one's performance in chess!


I did some research, and it turns out that the particular drug I had in mind was banned by the Chess Anti-Doping Policy: Adderall.

FIDE Anti-Doping Policy

Adderall is prescribed to those with attention disorders, but of course many at one or more times in their lives have experimented with it for the use of studying. Would the improved concentration help a chess player? In fact, high levels of caffeine is also on the banned list.

According to a Reddit discussion, the general consensus seems to be that it would not make such a  big difference. My personal motto is that chess is a game of honor - so unless one really needs to use any medications, we really should not be "pushing the rules."


What do you think? If in the future there are drugs that somehow boost our intelligence, should these be allowed during chess tournaments?