Positional Chess Lessons (4/25-4/28)

Positional Chess Lessons (4/25-4/28)

NM linlaoda
Apr 25, 2016, 9:33 PM |

I will post a training position every 3 days to be solved as a mini-lesson.

Post your responses in the comment, blog will be updated with answer on the 4th day.








*update (4/28) with answer*

1. Qc2! was my answer - we practically force 1...f5 when statically White has a very stable advantage since Black is left with a passive light bishop with all the center pawns on light squares.

1. exf6!? also looks very interesting with the idea of controlling e5 - perhaps Black is forced to play 1...gxf6!?... though I do have my concerns whether Black can activate the light bishop via an evenetual ...b6 and ...Ba6