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Smooth win by GM Fedorchuk (annotated game)

Smooth win by GM Fedorchuk (annotated game)

Sep 23, 2014, 8:10 PM 3
Sergey Fedorchuk was born on March 14, 1981 of Ukrainian descent. He became a grandmaster in 2002 and is known for being a journeyman of sorts in that he plays primarily in open events all over Europe. His current FIDE rating is 2656.
Daniil Lintchevski was born May 17, 1990 and is perhaps considerably less well known. He became a Grandmaster in 2009 and is of Russian descent.

In the game below, Fedorchuk employs a very effective strategy against Lintchevski's French: create dark square weaknesses then trade off all the minor pieces except one White knight and one Black bishop. The simplicity and directness of the game appealed greatly to me - I now present the game.
I hope this game was instructive - thank you for reading!

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