Tactics: Calculate the ideal scenario

NM linlaoda
Jul 23, 2015, 12:33 AM |

Today I want to discuss a concept from real life that can be applied in chess.

This is the concept of "assertiveness"

 When we see what we want (like a threat) but it is not a "safe" move (it loses material) we tend to immediately not play it.

 However, I propose that we instead do the following:


See the threat -> (Instead of giving up on it) Calculate it! -> decide to give up the idea based on our calculations


Very simple thought process, but sometimes we need to remind ourselves of these simple things when learning new stuff (chess)


Let's practice this in the following puzzle:

Remember to ask yourself: What threats can I make? And if the threats do not appear to work at first, first calculate it - you may be surprised!

How did you do? The idea here is as follows:

Notice the pin on the b4 knight to the black queen. This leads us to want to play a3, taking advantage of the pin, but of course it looks like a stupid move as the queen can just take the pawn. But according to our lesson today, we know that we should not disregard the move just because it appears to be a blunder, we should instead look deeper (calculate it through)
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I hope this was helpful, please leave your comments below!