What to do if the author forgot to flip the board

What to do if the author forgot to flip the board

NM linlaoda
Oct 29, 2015, 9:19 AM |

I mentioned here that in many books the authors do not flip the board even if it is Black to move, and noted the possible benefits to it. (In a nutshell, we learn how to think of our opponent's counterplay)


However, sometimes we would prefer it to be flipped - especially if we were meant to solve the position from the Black side. So how do we do it?


Assuming we are using a real board to read the book, the most difficult part is setting up the position. I recommend the following two ways of dealing with the inconvenience:

(1) Set up the position as it is, that is with you playing White. Then either rotate the board or move to the other side.

(2) If the above is not possible, then set up the position with you playing Black. It will take longer but one tip is to set up systematically, e.g. first set up the Black pawns, then the Black knights, .... and then the White pawns, etc.
Then to verify that it is the correct position, flip the book upside down and check this way! This is my "innovation" - I have found it very efficient!


Hope it helps~