Competition for the most neglected chess talent

Oct 28, 2012, 1:23 AM |

I am entering the compteition to be the world's most neglected chess talent .


Learnt chess: 1983, aged 8, taught myself from A Reinfeld picture book. I hadn't seen a board or pieces. Then I got my first chess set. So in other words, I taught myself the moves "blindfold" without physical pieces or a physical board.

1987: buys Novag Primo chess engine. Sets it to the highest level. Plays first move an 8 move combination with 3 piece sacs to come. The engine resigns. Put the combination on Fritz 8 over 20 years later and it gives my moves [played and intended!] a string of ! and !!.

1988: Go to the local library and read as many chess books as I can.

1988: Goes to first chess club. After a month is winning a junior swiss tournament that includes some good players. Gets sworn at with fire truck bombs when playing against adults. Has think cigar smoke blown in face by adult spectators and has to leave the club.

1988 - 1995: play no chess at all. Read no more chess books in this period.

1996: find another chess club. Find out that the previous chess club that smoked me out still wants to smoke at the board. Some of the players are rude. I do get a win in a casual game against a club stalwart who's been playing for 30 years. But I have had enough. Leave after a month.

1997: Play chess at a community centre and we arrange a simul against a 2000 rated player. I get a  draw. But the community group folds after about 6 months.

1998-2005: play no chess at all.

2006: Try out another chess club. Play some Russian guy and lose the game. I was too nervous to play well being new to the place. Turn up the next week and see him telling someone else that I am a "beginner". That's it for me. Leave that club after a month.

2006: Enter a major FIDE event - an open state championship at 90 30 -  and get about 3/7 which is a good result considering that it is the first major FIDE event that I had ever entered.

2006-2010: play no chess at all.

2010 -2012 - play chess on FICS and and study chess seriously with books, databases etc for the first time. As an adult am mature enough to see that there are many weaknesses in my chess and seek a coach to deal with these and learn from my losses.


NO FIDE rating.

NO coach.

NO help from a system that did EVERYTHING it could to stuff up my chess, blow smoke in my face, and just run me around like a lunatic.

I have no doubt in my mind that if I had got ANY help for my chess I would be 2400 ELO at least. I was a diligent student; I spent my rainy days in the late 1980's reading chess books. I didn't understand a lot of what I read. But with a coach or a club that didn't treat me like trash I would surely have grasped far more.

Right. I am winning so far. I am the world's most neglected chess talent.

One thing about Fischer is that sure he had talent. But he was also very, very lucky. He had Helms and Denker to teach him . Now what I could have done with that...