My chess blog by linux

Oct 16, 2012, 12:55 AM |

This blog is not going to set the world on fire with exciting pictures or games. It is a blog of me getting to a standard of 2000. I am linuxblue on FICS and linuxblue1 on This will involve a number of aspects:

1. Endgames. I have never studied them in any detail.

2. Opening theory. I have a good generic grasp of opening principles - I am good at chess960 - but I know no theory.

3. self-manangement . Playing at time controls that I am good at. Getting enough rest. Not burning myself out by playing too much. All that stuff.

Where am I at right now? I am 1863 on FICS [free internet server] as linuxblue. This is my highest rating so far. This is the main rating that I take seriously. I guess that I cna look on the bright side that if I have got that far with 1-3 being so deficient then there is hope for me to get to 2000!!!!!

Please note that I said earlier a *standard* of 2000. This is not necessarily the same thing as a rating of 2000. I will know in all sincerity if I have got to that stage - A class player, expert call it what you will - regardless of a coincident rating or otherwise.

Current events that I am in:

FICS channel 139 event at 45 45

RW [Rainbow warriors] tournament on FICSat 90 30

STC [slow time control] 60 30 event on FICS.

I have no chess coach. I have never really been coached. I've had sporadic help from a few people. I had one or two sessions in 2005 with an FM. But as for sustained coaching from a titled player - no I have never had that.

I've also never had a FIDE rating. I never plan to get one. Why should I? Why do I need to tell FIDE that I am 1800 or 2000 or whatever for? I know what standard I am. I don't need FIDE to tell me!!!!!!!! I am also fed up with crossboard chess. What a lonely wild goose chase that is. The last FIDE event that I was in was in 2006.