When the pawn is not poison

Oct 17, 2012, 9:36 PM |


























In this position white has just moved the king from g1 to f1. This seems to be a logical centralisation of the monarch. Was it Bronstein who said once that an active king in the centre in the endgame is worth a piece?

Anyway, there is something flawed with this move. We both missed it. I played 24... Be5 and after 25. Ke1 Bx d4 a draw was soon agreed.

Yet when I pulled out Shredder at home it said in the diagram

24...Bxh2! What? The idea is that after 25. g3 black checks with the other bishop on h3, brings down the h pawn and gives the pawn back with h4 to extricate the bishop. Then material is equal and shredder gives black as being slightly better [-0.50]

It shows that sometimes those Fischeresque h pawns are not poisoned after all!!!!!!!!


p.s it is black to move in the diagram. At my age I am not the best with diagrams and computers.