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Feb 18, 2017, 5:24 PM 2

Though the obvious cause of Black's demise was a poor start to the QG; the Sac's in the opening that entails h2 (h7) or f2 (f7) in particular, strike me as pristine works of art. Why?

a. It must have had some measured calculation, with some touch of brilliance. (p.s. unable to apply the word "dare," as it would have implied "luck")

b. I would have never thought about it in Live, as my eyes tend to fade to the corner of the board where the clock and minutes tick away

c. I would have never recognized a pattern/s if this was Live, just as one cannot "blitz-by" an art gallery and at same the time, express an appreciation for the works on display!


This was my recent game (the lesser or not that brilliant) Tongue Out


A classic!


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