Flathead Regional Championship - Round 1

Oct 13, 2014, 7:35 AM |

This past weekend I drove my good buddies Will, Jake, Dylan, and Jesse to Kalispell so we could all compete in the Flathead Regional Championship hosted by Greg "The Octopus" Nowak. It was a tough field with a lot of players attending, including 3 who will be competing in the Montana Closed later this month (Will, Jake, and Mark Anderson).

I had a good day, though, and managed to tie for first place with Greg after getting a draw in round 4 and finishing with 3.5 points. My play wasn't always pretty, such as in this first game against a talented young man who keeps improving every time I see him, but I suppose it was good enough.

The event drew enough people that the local NBC station sent out a camera crew to cover it. They tagged me for an interview just before things got started; I explained why chess is a great game that cuts across all demographics and teaches you about life, so I hope that I helped Montana chess to continue growing.