Flathead Regional Championship - Round 4

Oct 13, 2014, 8:30 AM |

And so I proceeded to Round 4 against our illustrious host and the only other player with 3 points, Greg "The Octopus" Nowak. It reminded me of those arcade games I used to love playing in the 1980s, when you defeat initial waves of enemies only to confront a fearsome beast at the end.

But a few things were working in my favor. For one, I play Greg regularly when hanging out at Liquid Planet and manage to take a game off him now and then, so he knows I'm capable of winning if all cylinders are firing and he makes a mistake. Another factor was that it was Round 4, and both of us were ready to call it a day. Finally, a draw would allow us to split first place, since nobody else could catch us.

All of these factors combined to motivate Greg to offer me a draw on move 17. Fine by me, and a nice finish to a tough tournament.