Great Falls Open 2017 - Round 3

Mar 13, 2017, 4:01 PM |

Feeling good about my win in Round 2, I had a couple of beers to relax and loosen up for Round 3. I might have loosened up too much because when I faced my evenly-matched opponent, Darren, I played carelessly and missed a crushing move that was fairly obvious. We agreed to a draw, since we preferred to go back to drinking rather than grind out the game for another two hours.


It appears that the "crushing move" I missed (16. e5) has a pretty good refutation, as Darren himself pointed out on the MCA Facebook page. Black can play 16. . . . Rde8, which strongly discourages my pawn from capturing anything. My best response would be 17. Be3, but there's no clear advantage now. So, a draw probably WAS the best option after all. Chess has more layers than an onion.