Knights vs. Bishops Smackdown

May 11, 2015, 3:47 PM |

I often grow annoyed with the official script of what I am "supposed" to do when playing chess. "Don't move the same piece multiple times in the opening." "Castle early." "Place rooks behind pawns, friend or foe." These petty commands multiply and ossify to the point of becoming dogma; players cease questioning them and lapse into formulaic obedience.  

In a recent game against Shredder I had the opportunity to commit extreme heresy: allowing Shredder to have both bishops against my lowly pair of knights (and in an open position, no less). Many would condemn me to chess hell for this, but I'm sorry to report that my knights tore Shredder a new one. Enjoy.

P.S. -- Don't let my blog trick you into thinking that I beat Shredder all the time. I've lost plenty of games to it, but they have little educational value and don't help me advance the noble cause of chess pedagogy.