Miracle At The Great Falls Open - Round 4

Mar 30, 2015, 7:16 PM |

This is one of the wildest games, perhaps THE wildest game, I've ever played. It was against my friend Guy Stafford, who has had some tough tournaments recently but dominated this one. We both came away with something. I managed to be the only player he didn't beat, but I didn't spoil his well-deserved tournament victory.

What happened here reminds me of The Play -- the famous football game when the marching band took to the field on the belief that the game was over, but a final and miraculous punt return changed everything. Much the same way, our game had a lot of spectators who began leaving on the belief it was over, but a freakish set of moves changed everything.

It is good manners to surrender when there is absolutely no hope of avoiding defeat, but that's a very high bar in my opinion. I cannot stress enough the human factor in these games. Just about anything is possible, so don't hang up your cleats until you truly have no other choice.