Octopus v. The Allies

May 22, 2014, 9:25 PM |

And here it is at last, the event where Greg "The Octopus" Nowak (playing white) took on a bunch of us here in Missoula. This was more about having fun than being precise, but I'm happy to report that we got a draw. I've attached the YouTube video below for your entertainment. It's lengthy, so some highlights appear beneath it. Enjoy!


7:37 – Greg says he expected the move we made, and Paul ridicules him.

10:30 – I recommend a move that Paul often uses against me, and he winds up choosing it (at 15:15) after a great deal of debate. Greg expresses surprise at 16:00.

18:35 – I express doubt that Greg will play a certain move, which of course he does at 18:56. I express shock a few seconds later.

20:15 – Paul and then I recommend a terrible move that exposes us to a potential fork.

28:00 – I recommend a terrible response to the potential fork based on an analysis of Ben’s board, which had the King and Queen on the wrong squares! Hilarity ensues.

31:00 – 34:00 = After more debate, I figure out how to deal with the fork and avoid losing.

34:48 – Greg backs down from doing the fork because he’s afraid it will make the game too wild. Upon hearing this, Paul calls Greg a coward.

52:00 – I recommend pinning the knight because it’s too dangerous to let Greg hop it around. Luckily, Paul and the others finally wind up agreeing (at 56:00).

1:25:30 – Will Davis taunts Greg upon telling him our move. Greg burps in response.

1:57:40 – I recommend a rook move to deal with a potential pawn threat. Dale likes the move, but when we do it later (2:03:10) he says it was Paul’s idea. I try in vain to keep credit

2:04:00 – Greg gives a great burp for the audience.

My big television debut – At 1:54:35 I take over the microphone and explain what’s happening.

Greg does an impression of ET: At 1:13:45 and again at 1:53:20, Greg appears in the bottom corner of the screen with nothing moving but his pointed finger.

Paul repeateadly bickers with/chastises a frantic Dale at 39:30, 41:55, 54:55, 1:02:45, 1:06:15, 1:07:20, 1:57:05, 2:10:10, 2:19:30. I eventually ask Dale if it’s time for him to go bed at 2:23:05.