Blitz Rules for logozar

Blitz Rules for logozar

Mar 19, 2016, 6:48 PM |

I have come to realize that some blitz is helpful, even though too much can hurt.

So I can have time for better things like study, but still allow myself some for fun and to improve at play under time presure, I agree to the following rules (They apply until the end of the school year of 2016 - for me till 9th grade ends):

1. On School days I am only allowed to play 1 game of blitz.

2. On weekends I set an absolute limit of 5. Recomended: 3

3. People on my friends list are exceptions, however If I will play many games I need to be willing and able (Not too tired etc) to play my best or close to it. Games with my coach are always allowed.

4. These rules do not apply to in real life blitz, but I rarely do that anyways.

These rules will start on Monday, March 21.

If I am sick and staying home however, they don't apply (I rarely get sick though)


Feel free to tell me your opinions, or refer me to this blog if I break the rules. I think this will help me. - logozar