Changing chess board settings (help)

Mar 30, 2015, 11:17 AM |

I would like to change it so it is not always like this:








I have found it is much harder to visualise/analize than actual on the board play, but I still would like to play on this site to improve, as close to OTB as possible.

I can change the settings in the diagrams like this:

For example
But I can't find the place to edit my board setting for say.. live chess/online chess/tactics, to allow me to test boards and see which one I can focus best with.
Can anyone share thier feedback with me on this, if it has been an issue with them?
If any of you has an answer, especially a staff member as I am nearly sure they have one, I would like to know.
Thanks! - Elijah Logozar (13)