Chess Engines

Oct 29, 2017, 8:30 PM |

"I critically look at the computer Houdini, who is a trainer for all. I look at its assessments and evaluations and think they are simply awful! As they say, one's ears burn when one looks at these evaluations! Both in the opening and the endgame too. And after combinations. I can cite hundreds of examples where the assessment is completely wrong, just absolutely! Well, in the opening on the first moves, the computer does not understand anything. Even on the fifth, tenth move, there are a lot of errors. And all the young people think that the computer is infallible. This is not true." - GM Evgeny Sveshnikov

2 quotes from IM Jeremy Silman:

"Chess engines are often detrimental to the chess health of non-masters"

"Don’t expect a computer to help you with anything but tactics." 


A chess engine is NOT your friend (Hyperlinked article by IM Silman)