Kealing Open chess tournement

Oct 19, 2015, 3:50 PM |

Hey everyone! I went to a local chess tournement a couple days ago, and played in the open division. There were 4 rounds, 45 min 5 second delay. I was tired due to a long week at high school, so I wasn't quite at my best (Having trouble calculating exact varyations.

Well here are the games, later I will re-post them in individual forums with my thought process for analysis. Hope you enjoy!

(I will edit to add thought process within one day)

So I went 3/4 and my rating went from 1590 to 1610. I had a tired tournement though, and so I did not play as well as I would have liked, and will try to get more rest next time.
I will update my analysis and thought process within a day
Hope you enjoyed the games - logozar