King Hunters Group Blog and Info

King Hunters Group Blog and Info

Mar 24, 2015, 4:37 PM |

Anyone here can post opinions about king hunters, or information they want to share about what is happening inside currently.

King Hunters History:

I made a group called 'the power of chess 2' when I was little, and I had no idea how to run a group. In the cource of about 2 years, I had maybe 150 members, not very many active. Then I took a break from for a few years, now a 7th-8th grade student. I know what I am doing now, so I invite a lot of people, make it active. The group is now gaining maybe a few people a day. I assigned admins, and made daily puzzles, etc. We started having team matches again. After about a month, I made a forum/news about a 'Potential group name change' (the forum was accidentilly deleted- 101 comments!). Over a few weeks the entire group was discussing a new name with dozens of ideas and pictures. At this point we had maybe 400 people, rather than 150. After a few weeks, after the first few we wanted were taken, someone came up with 'King Hunters'. We all liked it, and I found a good picture. It was quickly changed.

We now have over 850 members (just 4-5 months after the group revival). We have daily puzzles, do not spam our members with mass posts (some groups do like 50 team matches a day -_-). We have pages of discussion in our main vote chess, have 50+ joining our team matches, which we start maybe once a week (once every 2 but we accept chalegenges)

I would say we are making progress! Our real start was october 2014.

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