My 1.e4 repertoire agreement

My 1.e4 repertoire agreement

Mar 26, 2018, 8:36 PM |

I have been working on a comprehensive 1.e4 repertoire on






At this point, I would rather study chess books than work on this 1.e4 repertoire.  However, I already got a lot done (it wouldn't make sense to quit now) and financially is my best chance of getting to go to the World Open this summer. Therefore, this 1.e4 repertoire should be my priority. Setting time aside for the 1.e4 repertoire just to procrastinate on it only steals time (which I could have spent studying) from myself. This is becoming a serious issue, so I decided to make an agreement.

The following agreement comes into effect as soon as I publish this blog.


I agree to comply with the following:

I am not allowed to play games on until I get caught up on my quota.

I am not allowed to do any chess study if I get behind on the daily quota on my Chessable 1.e4 repertoire until I catch up with the following exceptions:

  • I am allowed to work on (and study openings relevant to) my 1.e4 repertoire.
  • I am allowed to study on
  • I am allowed to do endgame study on my phone before and after church (when I'm not at home).
  • I am allowed to prepare for a paid lesson with a student.
  • I am allowed all forms of chess study when it is implausible to work on my 1.e4 repertoire (if I need to edit on Chessable but can't access the wifi or if I am not allowed or able to use my computer).

Daily quotas can roll over. For example, if I fail to do day 1 on time, then on day 2 I would be required to finish day 1 and day 2 in order to study chess on day 2 (not counting exceptions).


While this agreement is in effect, I am not allowed to alter this agreement without the permission of David Milliern. If I have his permission, I am allowed to alter it.


Note: I can delete items off of the quota after they are completed.

Unless stated otherwise, the quota includes both theory and editing. This is the quota:

Tuesday 4/3/2018: Caro-Kann theory (3.e5 c5)

Wednesday 4/4/2018: Caro-Kann theory (3.e5 Bf5 4.h4 h6, 4...c5, 4...Qb6/Qc8/Qc7/Qd7)

Thursday 4/5/2018: Caro-Kann theory (3.e5 Bf5 4.h4 h5)

Friday 4/6/2018: The Rest (Annotated games)

Saturday 4/7/2018: 1...f5, 1...g5, 1...b6, 1...a6, 1...h6

Sunday 4/8/2018: Scandinavian

Monday 4/9/2018: Modern

Tuesday 4/10/2018: Hippo and Pirc

Wednesday 4/11/2018: Alekhine and 1...Nc6