My first blog

Mar 24, 2015, 4:29 PM |

What is a blog for on this site for anyways? I have lots of interesting thing happen - gaining 500 points in a few months, making an inactive group called the power of chess 2 become a powerful one and gain 700 active members in 4 months (Now King hunters)

Now having lots of interesting games and stuff, and I see others blogs, but what is a blog really for? What do people care to know? 

I myself, am on this site to improve at chess.

From experience, I would say Blitz is neuteral to your skill (unless you do it a lot, then it would mess up your thought prosess) and bullet hurts. My experience is I play 15 10 games for learning, and better than online because you focus on one game at once, not 50.

Anyone have any chess comments, or anything they want to hear about, or find interesting in thier chess career? Not really sure how to do there

- logozar