Renewed blitz agreement

Renewed blitz agreement

Jan 1, 2018, 9:52 PM |

I agree to not play any online blitz or online bullet until 2019 with the exception of the Titled Tuesday tournament (if I qualify).


My previous blitz agreement expired today. I relate to the following  quote:

"It is very difficult to play a single blitz game! You want to play for a long time. So I tend not to do that anymore." - GM Viswanathan Anand






Apathetic frustration:



I probably would have enjoyed study more anyways.

This is one day I can't get back, and I want to ban myself as to not give myself the option to repeat this.


Edit: As of 4/3/2018, I add a ban (until 2019) from deliberately going to the public forums (not counting the daily puzzle or my brother's forums).

Edit: As of 4/4/2018, I add a ban (until 2019) of playing rapid chess on lichess with the exception of people who I know on and friends who I know in real life.

Edit: As of 4/18/2018, I ban myself from playing all rapid games on until 2019.

Edit: As of 4/23/2018, I extend the online blitz ban until my 18th birthday (Titled Tuesday/blitz during paid lessons with students are allowed).

Edit: As of 4/28/2018, I am allowed to view my own forums as well. Normally, I don't allow myself to modify my agreements after the fact, but self-agreements are generally with what you knew that you meant, and I had mentally included my own forums in the list of okay forums but forgot to list it in the agreement. Now I clarify it: My own forums are okay also.

Edit: live 960 blitz is okay, but only against @Milliern, as long as this agreement is in effect. I can only change this clause if I have @Milliern's permission.

Edit: I am allowed to change this agreement if I have @Milliern's permission.

Current exceptions: I am allowed to compete in the Titled Tuesday. I am allowed to play up to 2 hours of online blitz (allowed time controls are 2/1, 3/0, and 5/0, opponents must be 2000+ unless agreed beforehand that they will take the game completely seriously) per day until the end of the World Open (Georgetown chess club days = 2 hrs per day max, suggested 1 hr). I am allowed to play training games at the same price per hour as my coaching ($15/hr).

I am allowed to view specific forums which @Milliern gives me permission to view.

Note: this agreement may be changed with @Milliern's permission and I am not required to update this blog if changed, so if it looks like I broke the agreement, you might have inaccurate information.

As of 8/14/2018, I agree not to play any online blitz or bullet until 2019 unless I get @Milliern's permission or he allows me to alter this agreement with his permission. Permission from before 8/14/2018 does not apply to this agreement, I would need to get permission on 8/15/2018 or later.