OTB tournament games I lost

May 26, 2016, 7:12 PM |

Hello everyone. Sorry I have not made a blog in a while, I have felt less comfortable posting my over the board tournament games because I am reaching the level people might prepare, and I'd rather that not happen.

I am fine with doing this though, it is partially for fun and so I don't repeat the mistakes.

Over the last Year to year and a half, I have played over 50 over the board tournament games. Here I will post all of the recorded losses starting with a tournament from March 2015 to now.

(9 losses) (Only lightly annotated)

60 min 5s delay
75 min 5s delay
30 min 5 sec delay
45 min 5 sec delay
85 min 5 sec delay
90 min 1 min bonus
90 min 1 min bonus
Please let me know what you think!