Sniper 1. ... g6 ... Bg7 ... c5

Anyone else heard of the Sniper?


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    Someone says that instead of 5... Qa5 you can play 5... Bxc3, but that just stupid

  • 3 years ago


    The defense can be played in the order mentioned 1. ...g6 ... Bg7 ...c5 in almost every situation.  

    1. e4  g6

    2.  d4  Bg7

    3.  Nc3  c5

    4.  dcx5  Bxc3! 

    You have to be willing to part with this "sniper" Bishop and you will find that it's well worth it.

    5.  bxc3  Qa5

    White has to be assured his attacking skills are going to justify allowing his position to be ruptured so badly.  

    I run Houdini 3 Pro on a fully-loaded Alienware gaming laptop on the ICC and after wiping-out human and computer players with The Sniper, no one will play rated games anymore.  It's okay because they are willing to play unrated games.  

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    cool, thnx Smile

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    there's a research group on it, maybe you should join >>>

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