IM TheNomNomFactor
Jan 5, 2015, 5:49 PM |

Hey guys,

Still angry about what happened to me at the last round of the recent North American Open held in Las Vegas.  I was playing against a fairly decent (for his rating) FM and had him facing mate in 1 or severe material loss at the end of the game.  The engine even says it's mate in 4 at the most.  Instead of doing what any normal chessplayer would do, resign and just walk away, he decided to stall for a full 40 minutes and walk around, going to the bathroom etc and not even staying at the board.  He resigned with a minute left, most likely to tell his friends that he got in a ferocious attack under time pressure and had no choice but to resign.


So why did I write this? Am I being mean?  No, as far as I know he shows no remorse and is very capable of repeating this action.  By making this I believe it will make this occurrence for him, and maybe even others who read this article, less likely to occur because they may realize that they are just being complete !@#$%^s.

"Oh since when do you, a kid, have a right to tell an adult what to do?"  One of the main reasons I love chess so much is that your position in life, job, rank, gender, wealth, or AGE has no effect on whether or not you can beat your opponent over the board.  It is a perfectly even playing field of logic and wits.  Also, maturity is supposed to come with age, and that clearly wasn't the case here.  As far as I'm concerned I was playing a 3 year old with a 2350 rating.


Sportsmanship is a really big part of chess, I can understand being pissed after a game and quietly storming away without wanting to analyze the game, but at least don't inconvenience the opponent while making your fit.  

So don't stall, intentionally slam/break clocks or pieces, cough in your opponent's face, or drive away in the middle of the game because you're losing.  Happy New Years