Beating Highest Rating

May 14, 2015, 10:02 PM |

I beat my high rating after two years of hovering around the 1700-1800. I kinda was thinking that it was annoying that I am a better player than when I got that rating. Now I can say, Im at the top of my game! I am probably at the height of my chess powers. Even though Ive improved or won many games or can create chances, I still feel like I can make a lot of improvements. So far, the book that seemed to make a click in my brain was Chess Tactics Antenna by Neiman. I have been studying tactical books for the last two years mainly because I was terrible at them. I think that my tactical ability is starting to catch up to my endgame and positional skills.

That is a game that I really like a lot. I also think Imrove Your Chess at Any Age by Andres Hortillsa helped a ton. Especially, in how I go about studying any particular tactic. It also made studying my losses more exciting. 
The book by Emmanuel Neiman is extremely enjoyable and useful for myself. Id like to show one more of my new favorites from the book, which is played by Bobby Fischer.
Even though it seems not like a great tactic, maybe because its blitz and it happens alot, but this double tactic wins me a few easy points. Its also become like a constant thought that tactics are what decide games just as much as positional games do. In conclusion, when people call me lucky, which is often, I just think to myself I just worked harder than you at that particular moment.