Being a 1800

Feb 24, 2013, 2:44 AM |

Usually, I just write about a game, but as you can see its been 6 months since my last blog. Ive grown a lot as a chess player and really have trouble picking which games to use. Also, as a person growing into adulthood. Alot of deaths and births have gone on. Ive also been pondering what to do with my life and really have no other way to express it. My indeceive ness has really prompted a lot people that I meet to tell me a story about how the world works. The most inspiring one is from my coach from high school. He said he could tell I was in a rut. He asked me to succed in life. I did it for him in sports, and now its more important to succeed in life. We both have such respect for each other, weve known each other for years, and this speech which lasted probably thirthy minutes really hit home for me. It was like in the movies. Anyway...

As for chess, I took out the hard work and will to win in my games and studies. Without these two ingredients, I stopped playing for a week. Didnt study that much. And I realized what I didnt want. I saw a Boris Spassky game where he creamed Larsens original opening style with a full out attack. It was then and there I dont want a game to end in the first 20 moves. I want long drawn out battles that last 50 moves.

I also got help from Maruzi. Hes a Harvard teacher from the 90s, now he does conferences on how to understand. He taught pyhsics and thought because his students got high grades he was doing good enough. Then he did some 30 questions that were word problems and his students bombed. Like freaked out on easy problems about Newtons three laws. Like how a truck semi crashing into a car. Which is exerting force on whom. The students wrote like seven pages telling or hoping to get a hit on the right answer. It was a very awesome video.

So his secret is not solve problems. Its a great way to study. I dont solve problems anymore. I try my hardest to just play. I was very confused at first, but now I sorta realize that chess is sorta like a painting. You never finish because your always fixing it up a bit. I suspose my final portrait will be one where its a draw.

Thanks for reading. Have a great day!