Chasing Nimzowitch

Jun 22, 2016, 11:33 PM |

I have been reading a book called Understanding Pawn Play in Chess by Drazen Marovic. The section that impacted me is the section on pawn chains. This section is devoted entirely to the Nimzo pawn chain concept and gives great examples on how to play this way. It helps alot when playing the Pirc because I really didnt understand that destroying the center can be so powerful. 

Even though the center break is strong, I found out that usually if you are not careful you will be left with a hanging pawn or lag behind in development. The timing has to be perfect.

I now have a better appreciation of Nimzowitch's theories regarding the pawn chain thanks to this book. There are a few more examples and areas that are very helpful as I have only given a tiny taste of this great book. The examples are mainly regarding the French but are easily tranferable to chess theory of pawn chains. Highly recommended. 

Quotes from the book. Again nice book and highly motivating. 

Aron Nimzowitch

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Drazen Marovic