Failure to Complete Goal

Aug 11, 2013, 9:35 AM |

So in the last blog about three months ago, I wanted to make 1900. I was so close. Recently, just been studying tactics and tactical books. Been helping a lot I think as understanding the moves by reading someones thoughts on the game helps alot. Also, the book shows more examples so you can understand better. A interesting position that Ive been looking into this month is from two games one being the main explaniation to the game.

Was defiantly a great game by both players, just that Morphys calculation prowess privalied. 
This position basically to me, represents a battle aganist everything that white has, basically. In particular the long a1 diagonal is weak and can be pryed open by an advance and the g file gets at the king. As well as a nice support point for the knight and if it gets traded two passed pawns. So, every move counts to compress and place the pieces on the right squares. Obviously, I think Morphy thought all that I metioned were his advantage but its really a one way street.