First Review of a book How to Calculate Tactics by Valeri Beim

Mar 22, 2015, 4:46 PM |

Improving your calculation is a tremendous asset. Almost a completely unmentioned trait of a chess player. Never mentioned in most of the books that I have read or very slightly. How to Calculate Tactics by Valeri Beim is probably one of the most amazing books on this subject that is tremendously practical and useful. The book claims that improving your calculation is the only way to improve, which I sorta agree with now. Highly recommended.

The best advice I found was that you first have to look at a position logically and then create candidates. This seems simple as it should be but it proves that calculation may be the only way to play a game in certain situations. Improving calculation technique or awareness of them should therefore allow you to focus your calculations. 

In my own game, the freedom this allows for creativity is tremendous.

I think what is amazing is that I easily learn how to play certain positions better and there is this ease to these types of positions. Here is the game in full.

The calculation was short but very logical. At least for myself the logic is easy to see and the calculation was directed toward a few problems that made the process fun and enjoyable. In the last thirty games that Ive played Ive had a 5 loses two draws and 22 wins!