Good Connection

Feb 8, 2012, 1:39 AM |

(Setting the Stage)

A while ago, I told my father that I could become a successful chess player as a 2200 blitz rating. I have always been an awful blitz player! I'm great in 1 (or more)hour games, but in blitz I'm terrible.  A problem is playing the lower rated players and not losing. I've looked at players with "that higher rating" and they never lose! Its kinda crazy thinking they get online and never lose for days or only once in a while to a titled player.


I wondered if everyone experiences what I experience playing on-line. I play. Win. Lose. Its a bitter sweet game. Music blasting in my ear-phones, watching and laughing at how bad(or genuis!) the blitz players face each other. My favorite part is playing games and then my connection breaks off. Poor punch line. Let me, make it better. No, I cant...

(Cut-Thats a Wrap)

My first blog just about me. And not chess related. When I read blogs or posts on (I only go!) its part of some chess theme. So I have been forced by the power of chess. Here's a nice pawn endgame.

Thanks for reading my blog!