In-Direction(by tactial means)

Oct 23, 2013, 4:07 AM |

Im posting this game mostly because I tend to lost pieces very easy while exchanging as well just do terrible in tactics. Both during over the board as well as five minute blitz. For years now I havent really respected tactical play, I guess this little in sight might be of enournmous help to my understanding of tactics.

This is where I sorta just try to poke at the center and test my theory of the in direct tactics. Hypnothesis; my main over sight is being hit in directly. Therefore if I can look for tactics in my calculation that can take advantage of the position from a distance I should be able to increase my scope of technique since I hope not to drop pieces during trades.

This moment of truth really blew my mind, since the game had a very long resourceful continuation that I really didnt see or expect there to be.

The next phase is really just me trying to reel in the full point since he lets my knight get free. I have another theory about endgames with rooks and minor pieces. Which is kinda simle but it sorta reflects what Ive been studying this whole year. As well as the games where Ive just lost completely or didnt know what to do basically. I have a few theories about the game but the technique of this game is the second stage of rook and minor piece theory. The first is to win pawns and not lose your own. Usally this is very difficult since with limited material the pieces face little opposition and complete this goal by both sides is very simple.

I have to say this was alot of fun to annotate usually its a little bit of inspiriation that needs to over used. But I think my overall knowledge and understaning of the game has been vast and idea driven. Taking examples from endgame books to sorta enlighten my own process of thinking. I was kinda amazed that what I was seaching for wasnt in any endgame book that I read. Although I wouldnt have reached these observations without them. I have a few theories that I am currently enjoying. Not mine but from others that really changed my perspective of chess.

Thanks for reading. I am a little excited about anything new in chess in general. Also, please excuse the bad grammer my computer is going hay wire on me and I dont have the energy to constantly change everything in the process of this post since its very frustrating.