Losing positions by Me! With My Own Interpretations and Advice

Feb 6, 2014, 9:00 PM |
Lost on time in the next game but it became complicated(for myself) and I thought I was lost in the final position but its obvious that I am winning or at at lot of counterplay.
The antidote for me, I think which helped this month and last. Was to play the last minute of the game as the technical phase, where the last 4 minutes made it so that I could easily play the technique in one minute. This works perfectly, I dont always win, but just knowing that Ive worked to get this means that its up to me to follow through on my idea and go all in. Whether it be attacking the king or pushing home a endgame.
As for the other antidotes of playing open files better, opening the positionĀ up for the advantage of my opponentĀ and defending passive positions, I guess time will tell. Hopefully, putting these on my list of mistakes will help. List of mistakes is what it sounds like.