Lost Stuff

Mar 19, 2012, 8:21 AM |

The chess position diagrams and game position setter for this site is so hard to get it onto the blog that I have a terrible time with it. I usually am in a great mind set thinking I've made a huge contribution to chess theory and then all my work just disappears when I press save, or some small error occurs and I constantly make ajustments over and over again. I suspose if it werent so hard to get positions into the blog, Id have a new blog everyday. I love chess but... why so serious?

In other news, I've hit a plateau in my rating lower than 1800 I tried to match it from last year. The day came closer and closer obviously Im better than a whole year ago! Bam! A week or so later in my attepmt to get better than 1800 Im all the way back at 1600 on the mark! Two hundred points in a week lost. Ha ha.

In news, I have stumbled upon a nice variation of the sicilion. I havent lost with it, yet. About 20 or so games. My KID is unbeatable. My Catalan is on a 50-50 either being a perfect replica of "perfect game" or it just makes me a laughing stock. My Ruy Lopez is very hard to beat as well. Since I have in the bag openings I play other openings and try to do the newest, crazyiest ideas ever imagined, sure at 5 minutes I am dropping my queen off, but its okay.

In no news, I'll show my interesting Silicion idea I've been working out. As Black I have come to realize the white player just marches everything at you and wipes you out. So, I just decieded to just defend everything and delay castling a bit. Then conquer the queenside! With my black bishop of course. If you fianchetto it the push that pawn like crazy and I've won only one game out of like 50. So you just delay fianchetto, trade and dominate the queenside! Its pretty easy. Its sad to think I havent been using my fav. two knights tango anymore. It just comes out to the same thing over and over again like a broken record.

Another game of the variation. Sure enough I lost the game due to some idiotic computer glitch, I pressed insert and it just lost the whole thing! After spending 20 minutes on it! Son of a B@$%^!
The less written on part of my game.
More of the same opening.
This is a fun game to play. Thanks for reading.