Apr 18, 2014, 12:51 AM |

This blog post is mostly done in a state of fury. I been doing this series of my mistakes and after being half way done, I accidently clicked the x button on the top. There was going to be a massive amount as well since the amount of games Ive played this month and last combined has been intense. The amount of times Ive deleteleeed the work on this blog is astonishing. At least once every time something gets deleted. Like all of it lost. Which is the main reason its so hard to work myself up to writing these things. Im guessing its not un common since the site asks you to save your work every thirty minutes because the site might self destruct to keep your ideas out.

With all the games that Ive played this month and last, I noticed something rather disturbing. People in disbelief and furrrie call me lucky. That all I am is lucky. That is one of the worst things that ever bothers me. Seriously, nothing else gets to me anymore. Ive heard them all on this site. I work harder than most on improving my play, and because Im terrible at tactics it keeps me stuck in the 1800s. So, this entire year Ive only done tactics. Which is kinda difficult for myself. Seriously, I ask my self is it worth studying 15 tactics for a whole hour just to be called lucky?

In other news, one of my topics that I was wanting to talk about is doing nothing by Serper. That really took a hold of in me somewhere. Instead of doing nothing, I sorta rephrased into something that made sense to myself. That there comes a point where there can be no improvement. And this is usually how my setups are made. So, usually Ive just taken this stance to allow my opponent to play it their own way. I admit when looking back at my games, it seems like a rather strange strategy but effective.