My Race to 1900

Apr 8, 2013, 7:08 PM |

So Ive been a 1800 probably for two months now and really want to get to 1900. Its just that when I play 1900 my openings arent as good. At least aganist 1800 I know that I can win easily. Ive won tons of games aganist 1800 now its just when I get closer to 1900 the 1900 rated players start poping in to beat me down a few points. I occasionally win some but the tide is not in my favor. This next game is cool because its a exchange sac.

I know that its just 5 minute blitz but Ive gotten better at since reading books that describe how to play, and then later going deeper into it by just doing the reference work to expand that knowledge.
Thanks for reading!