Using Blogs like Blogs

Feb 1, 2012, 2:22 AM |

Ususally, ideas i thought were interesting or games I played were put up exclusily. I am going to try out writing whats going on in my chess carreer. I also make dozens of positions on my own. I have a particular aquired taste on pawn endings. I have made up about a hundred(pawn) so far and want to make a thousand. I also love knight games because they are the easiest for me to use. I've won tons of games using knights(thanks kinght drillsfrom de la Maza).

Okay, this will my first blog on my chess as a whole. I have a deep fetish with the Smyslov var. I play it with the Alekhine, and Queens defense.







Almost in every tournament I play in I get an even score. My goal is become a titled player! Usually, I'm told this can not happen in a space of a year or two, but I come really close to winning, yet I cant seem to close out the deal. I am happy though about my training. Every loss seems to make me push harder. Some days I'll be so exhausted i wonder if this is how all the grandmasters do with ease. I need to work on making it easier. More, grow, and easier. I am in the easier phase. The book thats helped out a lot is Lessons with a Grandmaster by Boris Gulko. He just blew my mind. I seemed to become a ton of things just going over his games. He chose 25 games. I studied 5 games a day for 5 days, then 10 games for three days, then all the games in one day. Then I repeated the cycle again two times. Very easy. I did this with some games by Tal. I am also doing this with Fischer's and Karpovs games instead of just 25 Im doing 50. So 10 games per day for 5 days, 20 games for 3 days and all in one day. I love Fischers games! I think if Boris Gulko annotated them I would just be in heaven!

My tactical studies are very interesting. I do about 500 a day. It gets boring after a while because I have run out of books. At first I only did about 50  a day and would double the amount until it got to 300. I do 500 a day and the most I have done is only a thousand. Its quite difficult to do a thousand a day.

Game wise I am quite happy, a large part of the time I think I just lose to rook endgames. I am hoping to improve that very soon. I dont know why, they just pummel and Im left wondering what the heck happened. I will get over this by making my own studies. I make studies by placing the pieces randomally and just recording it and finding the win. To me this is a lot more fun than studying something someone has given me, because I can control; the game, its outcome, how complicated it gets and why Im discovering new ideas. I highly advise you make your own positions from random positions. Very interesting. I will show some when I find my most funnest ones. Usually, I'll make a position and keep changing just slightly and the game can still be the same or it changes completly! It always amazes me seeing how the play of the game shifts from one part of the board just because of one "minor" detail.

My fav. blogs on I only have two, Mr. Silman and a good friend of mine, Mimchi, that I like to leave messages with and he always answers back giving me a challenge of some sort. I think slowly over time hes gotten better, and I've watched his thinking process improve and its quite amazing to see the difference of now and a year ago. Highly stimulating stuff by Mimchi. I've always had a special place for Mr. Silman's books as probably alot of other players. I don't really like his new blog or posts though. They are great but they remind me of Bruce Pandolfini's artciles in Chess life and it gets too repetitive to me and not spectacular(like an old game of his) or well thought out because they are begginers or weaker players games. I enjoy reading them but after a while I cant stand it because he worships them for their "brave" new steps on chess "enlightenment"(usually like something very obvious). I do too, but its like give it a rest, you say this in everything you write now.  Enough of my rant. I like Silman very much. His openings have affected deeply me, because of him I play a very excellant Catalan and KID.

For today, thank you for reading my post!