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Tactics and Analysis

May 15, 2014, 10:57 PM 0
This short game sequence is a new way that I would look at chess because I realized that tactics is my weakest part of my game and no matter how many books Ive looked at and learned I still have lost tons of tactical encounters. In the last tactical book Ive really taken to try and solve the problem and then when I looked at the solution I resolved to search for what I missed. Often times its quite obvious and at times quite hidden and this attitude has made me appreciate chess a ton more. Often looking for what I missed makes it very easy to learn and see patterns while going over a tactical book. One of the patterns that I noticed was that there usually was a underlying theme that would last a few problems through with new versions. Anyway, solving and then looking for what I missed is something that I just discoverd, it might be an old way of learning but considering that tactics/calculation is my main weakness in general its made me appreciate chess in a whole new way. So far I think this is the only way for me to improve since Ive memorized a few tactical books and am still missing easy tactics.

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