Time In Motion

Apr 19, 2011, 9:47 PM |

Every learning with understanding takes time. More time for the harder parts. Less time on the easier. Obvious? I would like to warn that nothing can be instant. You cant create energy, and you cant destroy it. You can only change its state. That observation can be seen in chess very clearly. How long it takes usually depends on what your goals are. If they are become the world champion then what does the world champion need to know to be world champion? Want to beat me? What do you need to know to beat me? I can tell you but you probably wont believe me! Ha ah ha! I pretty much have memorized One Silman book and a couple of his games, half of Karpovs games from his My Best Games book, a few very interesting Kaspaov games, a lot Spanish games, and all my fav. Tal games. Alot, but not nearly enough to get me where I want to go. My problem I dont have any goals. My goal right now is to be in tournaments win or lose and figure out where I am in the world of chess. Once I do that I think I can make my goals  anew with high hopes!

A tip that I like using. When things start becoming too much. Like all the games, pressure, fatigue, etc. Really start to affect how your looking at the game, or anything in life I usually start everything over and go over the stuff that I know will help me. Once I can confidently say hey, I understand this and can learn from it if I used it, I look for something that I have never done before and do it! Just a while ago, in Silman's workbook, i would only go over his annotated games because I thought it was amazing and the rest of the book had to bad because nothing can come close to the ideas in these games that I have understood. I knew I wanted to get better so I did something I never did before, I wanted to understand the rest of the Silman book. So I took forever trying to understand his book!!! Painful at first but in it the book showed how ideas from the games I understood could be easily refuted! I was like.... wtf! lol. Not only that but i really hate myself for not doing this years ago! Honestly, why only the annotated games??? Was it because there is 55 examples all seemlingly randomized to screw with me? Yes, he says in the intro., I guess it was just lazy-ness. IDK!

To conclude: Time will help you! Use it! At the end of out lives, at any moment my happiness teacher tells me, does it really matter what we have accomplished? I tend to lean toward doing things that make me happy. Even if the "experts", me included i guess?,say with only this bottle of juice you'll have all the strenght of twenty men, I'd rather spend it studying chess!