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Aug 26, 2015, 11:48 AM 6

I have Muscular Dystrophy. Since I cant use my hands I use camera mouse to move my cursor. Ive been playing chess since I was 14yrs old off and on.  My son who I taught to play chess is a better player.When I was 6yrs. old my grandmother would read me the Bible from her rocking chair. When I was 11yrs.old my grandmother took me to several Healing Crusades to see if they could heal me as I was barely walking by then. I used to waddle like a duck when I walked. She finally took me to an Evangelist named David Terrell(I believed I spelled his name right). When he laid hands on me nothing happened but my grandma pleaded with David that she wanted to see me healed. David asked several of his assistances, they were about 7 of them that surrounded me right away, they laid hands on me and I started to cry and an energy of some sort entered my body from my head to my feet and I felt incredably strong the brother that was in front of me laying hands on me moved to one side with his hand extended out and I was on my knees and jumped up and started to run. As I was running I noticed that I wasnt waddling and it felt like two giant hands were on each side of my body that were keeping me from waddling. As I was running I started to freak out cause I felt stiff as a boarded. Back in the early sixty's they used to show a horror show called Project Terror.  They would show the werewolf, dracula and frankenstein among other scary shows. Well what came into my head was frankenstein because of how stiff he walked and right away that energy inside of me left my body in a split second and I fell flat on my face. The ground had like wood shavings so I didnt get hurt. I should of been thanking and praising God. But he had my destiny for me. I have a wonderful family a wife whom Ive been married to almost forty years, a son who was in operation freedom and two granddaughters. God had my destiny for me. I thank my God for leading me to chess.com where I can spread the gospel. Here are some wonderful sites that you can go to.You can download a free Bible here.http://www.e-sword.net/

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