Lessons or videos??

Oct 15, 2013, 7:27 PM |

Hello everyone. Ive been playing chess for years. For the first 15 years my otb rating stayed about the same. Study , no study, safe ,solid, risky, crap. All games lead to the same result for me. Win some and lost some. 50-50 pretty much. I sought help in form of some local players. Everyone is willing to give you advice. The trouble is whats good versus bad. After several months I sought help from online Masters.

 Of these there were a few types. 1 rst. Tatics puzzles and home work. 2 nd. Endgames and home work. 3rd and what seems to be the most common opening specialist. In reflection at my 1400ish rating , they were all good for me. After a year and  1/2 I saw my rating go up 250 points or so. Laughing. I was playing 2 nights a week and a lot of online games. Then my health took a major turn for the worst. Fast farward 2 years and im rusty. Ive sought out pro help again. Ive meet some very nice people. All who were very helpfull. Im working mostly on how to plan and reaching better end game positions. I reviewed the amount of money that Ive spent on lessons and just wonder if the better choice is all the free videos.

So the question is watch more videos or to take more lessons. If you take the fun factor out of the lessons it seems that they might be =. So I hope to get some feed back about this.

Ive just started playing over the board again. Ill keep those interested in my results. A final thought, I would say lessons never hurt. They can help but you need to have goals that are within your grasp, and above all else you have to do the work. There is no short cut.

Till im bored again..........